Game the algorithm

Social media has long been blamed for fuelling polarisation and echo chambers. I strongly believe this accusation to be well founded, given my personal experience with e.g. political fights on Facebook with (ex-) acquaintances, or family members trapped in fake news bubbles on YouTube. The way we underestimated social media’s power on society is one of the biggest historical oversights of the early 21st century.

But social media can be a powerful tool for personal growth too and we rarely talk about it. It is a learning curve but they can be awesome for learning and opening your intellectual horizons. As someone said on Twitter, you just have to “game the algorithm until your feed is nothing but wholesome content and wisdom worth implementing“.

To prove this point I thought I would give here a few examples of interesting things I have been learning on Twitter since I stopped using it to fight with strangers about politics or religion and started following inspiring people instead.

Fascinating insights into the future…

… and into the past…

… wisdom at the highest level…

… and deep insights which make a better person every day, and maybe even a better writer:

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